This guide will show you how to make sure Register Relay is connected to the register/device you use. In order for Cashier Live to communicate successfully to your peripheral devices, you need to make sure that the IDs in your Register Relay match the IDs in your Cashier Live Account.
 Firstly, you must have Register Relay installed. If you do not, follow the guide here: Install Register Relay Guide

 1) Locate your store and register number.

 To do so, go to your "Settings" screen.

 2) Click on "Edit" next to the register that is being used.

 3) Locate and note the Store and Register IDs.

 4) Open the settings of Register Relay by right clicking on the small icon in task manager.

 5) Copy and paste the Store and Register IDs into the corresponding Register Relay fields.

 6) Save your changes and relogin into Cashier Live.

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