Add An Item Modifier

To add an item option to an inventory item:

1. Press the menu button and go to 'Inventory'

2. Press the item you wish to make as an item option. If it does not exist yet, please create it. Click here for help on adding an item.
- In this example, Poker Chip Set will be an add-on item

3. Towards the button, check the circle that says, "This item can be an item option for other items". Then press, 'Save' in the top right corner

4. The next step is to add the item option to the main item. Select your main item that you wish to add an option to.
- In this example, I want to add the 'Poker Chip Set' as an item option for my 'Deck of Cards'

5. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will see, 'Item Options'.
- Press the drop down menu to choose your option.
- Add it by pressing the green, '+'
- Alternatively, you can remove an option by pressing the red, '-'

Applying the Item Option

1. Press the item you are selling

2. A window will appear allowing you to choose item options and enter a note if you wish. Select the option and press, 'Enter' in the top right corner.

3. You will see the final item plus any additional price added into the sale. Complete the sale as your normally would.