How To Create and Apply Discounts

Discounts are a great way to attract customers and boost sales, and CashierLive makes it easy to set them up and apply them to transactions!

Let's dive into how it's done!

Creating Discounts

To create a discount in CashierLive, follow these steps:

Navigate to Discounts: Start by accessing the discount management section in CashierLive and click “Add New Discount”.

Enter Discount Details: Typically, this field is used for the name/type of offer the store has. (Veterans, 50% off, Seniors, etc.)

Choose Discount Type: CashierLive offers three main types of discounts:

Fixed Discount: This type of discount sets the item at a certain price, typically only used on a specific item, rather than the whole transaction.

Percentage Discount: With a percentage discount, you can specify a percentage to be deducted from the item or transaction price.

Dollar Discount: A discount that allows you to set a specific dollar amount to be deducted from the item or transaction price.

Enter Amount/Rate: Enter this as a whole number (Ex: Enter 50 for 50% off, not .50)

Store Selection: Choose which stores will use this discount or check the “All Stores” box.

Save Your Discount: After entering the details, save your discount to apply it to transactions later, clicking “Add New Discount”.


This discount will now appear in your list.



Applying Discounts

There are two main types of discounts that can be applied to a sale: Individual Item discounts and Transaction level discounts. To apply a transaction level discount you will want to click on the '%' symbol at the bottom of the screen. To apply an item level discount, you will want to click on the '%' symbol next to the item. Now that you've created discounts, here's how to apply them to transactions:

Select Items: When ringing up items for a transaction, select the items that qualify for the discount. This could be a specific product or the entire transaction, depending on the discount type.

Choose Discount Type: Before applying the discount, decide whether it's an item discount or a transaction discount:

    Item Discount: Apply the discount to individual items in the transaction. This reduces the price of each qualifying item.

  • Transaction Discount: Apply the discount to the entire transaction. This deducts the discount amount from the total transaction price.



Apply the Discount: Once you've selected the appropriate items and discount type, apply the discount by selecting it from the list of available discounts. CashierLive will automatically adjust the prices accordingly.


Review and Finalize: Before completing the transaction, review the applied discounts to ensure accuracy. Once you're satisfied, finalize the transaction as usual.


Once the transaction is complete, you will see the onscreen receipt where you can either email or print a copy for your customer. Please note how eaxh discount shows as an item line on your receipt. The total discount will show as “Discount Savings” at the bottom of the receipt.


And there you have it! Creating and applying discounts in CashierLive is a straightforward process that can help you attract customers and increase sales. Whether you're offering fixed, percentage, or amount discounts, CashierLive has you covered!