How To Edit the Cost Of an Item

Keeping track of your costs is crucial in managing a business.

Adjusting Item Cost

Access Inventory: First things first, head to your CashierLive dashboard and navigate to the “Manager’s Tab” and click on “Item List” on the right side menu.


Find the Item: Once you're in the inventory, locate the item whose cost you want to edit. You can search by name, category, or any other relevant details.


Edit Item Details: Once you have found the correct item, click on the pencil icon to open the item details page.


Adjust Cost: Within the item's details page, click the “suppliers” tab. Select the supplier, make sure the reorder number is correct and enter the new cost of the item and any other information you want for your records.. Once the information is correct, click on “Assign Supplier”.


Review Changes: After saving, take a quick peek to ensure that the cost has been updated correctly. You should see the new cost table at the bottom of the page.


And there you have it! Editing the cost of an item in CashierLive is as easy as pie.
Whether you're adjusting prices due to supplier changes or updating costs for better accuracy, CashierLive makes it a breeze to keep your inventory up to date!