New Sale

1) Log into Cashier

2) Press, 'New Sale'

3) Press, 'Add Item'

4) In the next screen you can press the magnifying glass

in the top right corner to search for an item. You can press, 'Scan Barcode' or manually find your item by swiping up or down.

5) Once you have selected your item(s), press the green 'Pay' button in the top right corner

6) On the following screen, select your tender option

7) Type in the tender amount you are accepting, if you are accepting the exact amount skip to Step 8.

8) Press 'Pay' in the top right corner

9) The system will tell you how much change is due (will not apply if accepting exact amount), press 'Ok'

10) You may finally, print or email the receipt by typing in the email address then pressing, 'Send Receipt'