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Make a Sale/Receipt/Split Payment
Make a Sale/Receipt/Split Payment
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Alright, you're logged in, on the main cashier screen, and ready to make your first sale.
To do so, feel free to scan or type in the item's description or exact UPC code in the search bar at the top.

Alternatively, you can click on 'Browse by Department' to view your departments and click on the items you want to see.

You will notice that any item you click on will appear on the right side. You can edit quantities and prices by clicking on 'View Transaction' on the top left.

Here we will type in "Mon" in the search bar to begin searching for a Monopoly board game. You will notice similar search results for your character string will appear. Click on your item, in this case, we choose Monopoly.

Click on 'Pay' when you are ready to complete the sale.

This is the tender screen where you can take tenders to complete a sale. In this example, we will complete the sale with the exact amount that is owed.


Here is what your receipt will look like. You can email a receipt to a customer by typing in their email address then clicking on 'Send'.
Print Full allows you to print a full invoice style receipt on an 8.5 x 11" printer paper.
Print will send a receipt to your compatible receipt printer.

Split Payment

Alternatively, Cashier Live makes it possible to split tenders as seen below.

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