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Hardware Security - Req 9.9.3
Hardware Security - Req 9.9.3
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PCI Requirement 9.9.3 (a)

Do training materials for personnel at point-of-sale locations include the following?

Training Materials can be accessed at and live training can be conducted with Cashier Live staff by calling 877-312-1750 or reaching out to support via email at

• Verify the identity of any third-party persons claiming to be repair or maintenance personnel, prior to granting them access to modify or troubleshoot devices.

Cashier Live does not offer on-site support unless explicitly communicated between Cashier Live staff and the business owner. No other third-party persons should come in claiming to be repair or maintenance personnel, if they do, you must turn them away as these devices will only be serviced by Cashier Live. All support requests must be made directly to Cashier Live by contacting support at: 877-312-1750 (Option 2) or via email at

• Do not install, replace, or return devices without verification.

Once a device has been delivered from Cashier Live, contact the Technical Support team to help configure the device: 877-312-1750 (Option 2) or via email at

• Be aware of suspicious behavior around devices (for example, attempts by unknown persons to unplug or open devices).

No persons or users of the credit card devices should be tampering with the device in any way, writing down any confidential information, attempt to unplug, or open the device without specific instructions from the Cashier Live Technical Support staff.

• Report suspicious behavior and indications of device tampering or substitution to appropriate personnel (for example, to a manager or security officer).

Ensure that your credit card device is not used by any unauthorized personnel or suspicious persons as the integrity of your device can be compromised. If any such activity is suspected, contact Cashier Live immediately at 877-312-1750 (Option 2) or via email at

PCI Requirement 9.9.3 (b)

Have personnel at point-of-sale locations received training, and are they aware of procedures to detect and report attempted tampering or replacement of devices?

Every day that the business is in operation, credit card devices should be frequently observed to ensure that no attempted tampering or replacement of the device has occurred. Cashier Live offers various devices that the business may be using, the list of compatible devices are found here:

Be sure to check your device for any of the following:

Alteration including addition or removal of buttons, cables, or swiping interfaces.

There should be no obstructions or attachments to any swiping device.

The magnetic stripe reader and chip reader section for EMV cards should be obstruction free and have no other cards or items inserted.

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