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Add/Manage Employees
Add/Manage Employees
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Add/Manage Cashiers

In order to edit and add employees that will log into Cashier Live and use the system, you must first sign in as an Administrator or Manager
Once in the system, click on the 'Manager' tab on the left side

After clicking on the 'Manager' tab, click on the 'Cashiers' tab on the bottom right
Once the page loads, you will see the list of all your current employees
The pencil icon next to each user allows you to edit their details
The cancel icon next to each user allows you to delete the cashier
Note: If a cashier has run any transaction in the past, we do not actually delete the cashier but rather mark them as inactive so the account cannot log in or be used in any way
We do this to retain your transaction data, removing the cashier may affect certain reports
If the cashier will never work for you again and you want to completely remove them from your list, please contact us at

Click on the pencil icon to view the cashier's details
Once the window loads, you will see their 'Overview' where you can edit the cashier's security level, username, password, and contact information
Once you are done, click 'Save' in the top right corner
Please note the following security levels:
Cashier - Can use all tabs except the Manager and Settings tab
Manager - Can use all system functions except the Settings tab where store settings can be edited
Administrator - No limitations, full access to all functions of the system

Edit Time Clock Entry

In order to edit any cashier detail, you must be signed in as a Manager or Administrator
To edit the cashier's time clock, click on the 'Manager' tab on the left then click the 'Cashiers' tab on the right
Once on the Cashiers page, click the pencil icon next to the employee's name
Once the Cashier Detail page opens, click the 'Time Clock' tab on the left
You will see the list of time clock entries here, you can change the date range with the calendars on the top right
To edit an entry, simply click the pencil icon on the left side of the entry then the entry will appear above so you can edit the time in/out and date in/out
Click 'Save' when done
You can also manually add atimeclock entry by clicking on the 'Add New Entry' in the top right

To delete an entry click on the cancel icon next to the entry
Once you are sure you want to delete the entry, click 'Delete' in the top right corner

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