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Add/Edit/Apply Coupons

Cashier Live recently launched this new feature where you can create coupons to give to your customers. This feature is active but still in beta - We plan on continuing to add more features to it.
Send any recommendations to with the subject: 'Feature Request'

To get started, open the ‘Manager’ tab on the left and click on ‘Coupons’ on the bottom right.
You can now use the ‘Add New Coupon’ button to get started.

You can now edit your coupon details. Once you are finished, click on ‘Add New Coupon’ to save your work!
Note: You can add three main discounts, fixed price, dollar discount, and percent discount
The fixed price discount allows for you to set a specific rate for the item
The dollar discount allows for you to discount a specific dollar amount off the regular price of your item
The percent discount allows for you to discount a specific percentage off the regular price of your item

Also keep in mind that you can assign the coupon for a specific item, department, or supplier.
Feel free to check the 'Limit 1 Coupon per Transaction' box if you want to use this feature, it will prevent the use of multiple coupons.

To apply your coupon, head to the 'Cashier' tab, ring up a compatible item
Now either scan your coupon or type $$ along with your coupon UPC code in the search bar
In this example we typed: $$6dollars to apply a $6 fixed rate

You have now applied your coupon to the transaction! Hit ‘Pay’ to complete your sale!

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