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Edit Inventory

There are two primary ways of editing inventory items, the first method is by using our Inventory Upload Tool and the second method is by navigating to the 'Manager' tab and clicking on 'Item List'

Once in the item list, you will see your inventory items, you can search for specific items by typing in the description or lookup code
The Pencil icon next to each item will allow you to view and edit its details
The Cancel icon next to each item will allow you to delete an item

Click the Pencil icon to open the item's details
Here you can edit the description, department, category, supplier, price, cost, etc.

The 'Discounts' tab lets you apply a specific type of discount for the item within a given date range.
In this example, we are discounting $2.00 off the Battleship Board Game between the dates of March 1, 2016 - March 10, 2016.
This discount applies to each individual item quantity rather than the transaction as a whole.
When done adding the details click on 'Assign Discount' to save and apply.
Note: When configuring discounts be sure to set a minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and always check the 'Req. Multiple' checkbox.

The discount has been saved successfully and is currently active until 3/10/16

The 'Suppliers' tab is where you will set a supplier to each item as well as the associated cost of the item.
This is an important feature to use if you plan on checking for profit and loss.
Cashier Live's reports will display profit/loss as long as you apply a cost, price, and always make sure you check the 'Primary' supplier box as shown in the image below.
When done, click on 'Assign Supplier' or 'Update Supplier' to save.

The 'Lookup Code' tab will allow you to assign a unique alternate lookup code for your item
In this example, we assigned Battle1 as an alternate lookup code.
In the cashier tab you can now type Battle1 in the search bar to bring up this item.

The 'Other Details' tab allows you to check extra settings for each item.
Print Ticket: Prints a ticket of the item
Signature Required: Forces the customer to sign for the item
Foodstamps: Flags the item as an eligible Foodstamp item, this is for your own personal reference, Cashier Live uses this in no other way
Sell by Weight: This feature allows you to add decimal quantities and sell the item as a weighted item

The 'Shipping Info' tab allows you to enter in the length, width, height, and weight of your item should you plan to ship it. Cashier Live uses this information in no other way than a personal reference for you and your staff.

Lastly, the 'Delete Item' button gives you the option to delete your item.

Delete Item from Item List

Click the cancel icon next to an item you want to delete
A new window opens up asking if you are sure you want to delete the item, click 'Delete' if you are sure

The searching items screen below will appear as the page refreshes and removes your item from the list

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