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Add/Edit Sales Tax
Add/Edit Sales Tax
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Add Sales Tax

You can add and edit different tax rates in Cashier Live.

First, navigate to the ‘Manager’ tab on the left and click on ‘Sales Tax’ on the bottom right.
Next, open the ‘Add New Sales Tax’ button to add your new tax.

Now, input your new tax information into the fields:
Tax Type, Tax Rate % (be sure to enter as a whole number), and select whether you want to show tax on receipts.
If you have multiple stores, you can also select what stores you want to save the tax rate to.
Be sure to click on ‘Add New Sales Tax’ when you are ready to save!

Edit Sales Tax

To edit the sales tax simply click on the pencil icon to edit details.
Be sure to click on 'Save' in the top right when done.

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