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Hold/Recall Transactions
Hold/Recall Transactions
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Hold Transaction

If you need to place a customer's transaction on hold for any reason, Cashier Live allows you to put transactions on hold until your customer is ready to complete their transaction with you
To put a transaction on hold, click on the ‘Hold’ button at the bottom of the 'Cashier' tab

After clicking on the 'Hold' button, the 'Hold Transaction' window will appear
You can write notes for the hold here
Once you are done here click on the ‘Save’ button at the top right

Recall Transaction

Your held transaction will now be present in your transactions list
Click on the transaction to open its details
You can also click on the green 'Recall' button to instantly recall the sale

If you clicked on the transaction to view the details, simply click on the green check box next to ‘Recall’

You will be lead back to the register with the transaction. You are now ready to finish your transaction!

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