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Set Customer to Transaction
Set Customer to Transaction
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To set a customer to a transaction, start by ringing up inventory items
Then click on the 'Set Customer' button at the bottom of the 'Cashier' tab
Note: You can add a customer before adding items to a transaction and you can set a customer even after a transaction has been completed

After clicking on the 'Set Customer' icon, a window will appear with a list of all your customers
Here you can search by name, phone number, or email address
You can also click on a letter to filter by last name, in this example, we clicked on 'D'
We are looking for John Doe, simply click on the name once you've located it

You should now see that John Doe has been applied to your sale

Apply Customer to a Transaction

To apply a customer to a transaction after it has been completed, simply click on the 'Transactions' tab on the left side of the page
Here you will see the list of your transactions
Simply find the transaction you are looking for and click on it

Once you've clicked on the transaction, you can click on the 'Set Customer' button on the bottom left

After doing so, you will see the 'Set Customer' window that displays all of your customers
Now you can find your customer and click on their name to set them

You should now see your customer has been set to the transaction

You can even click on the customer's name to open their details and view all their details, past transactions, and encrypted saved cards

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