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Z6 Terminal Setup
Z6 Terminal Setup

Setup guide for the Dejavoo Z6 credit card terminal

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Did you just receive your new Z6 terminal? This guide will walk you through it's setup so you can start accepting cards. Firstly, you'll want to have received a confirmation from your Account Manager that your merchant account is created and ready to go. The Z6 terminal will only work with a Cashier Live processing account.

Step 1. Take your Z6 out of the box

Step 2. Plugging in your Z6

The Z6 has two parts that need to be plugged in. First is the USB port shown here. This can be plugged into your computer or Paypoint. If you have a wall adapter, you may plug it into there as well.

You'll now need to run your hand along the Z6 cable till you locate the ethernet port. This is shaped like a black box, shown here:

You'll need to run an ethernet cord into this port, with the other end plugging in directly to your router, modem, or switch.

Step 3. Let the Z6 Initialize

Once you have the Z6 plugged into your power source and your router/modem/switch, you'll see the device power up and begin initializing. This may take 60 seconds. You'll know the device is successfully setup when you see the below screen.

You will need to have your Cashier Live account configured for your new device after this initial setup. Just contact our support team to verify that your account is ready to start running transactions. 

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