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Storing Customer Credit Cards
Storing Customer Credit Cards

Saving, storing, and tokenizing your customers' credit cards

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Cashier Live has 2 methods to securely store your customer's cards to their customer profiles. 

Method 1: Storing at the time of transaction

After you've finished adding items to your customer's transaction, you'll want to make sure a customer profile is attached to the sale. If they are not, press the set customer button and select your customer.

Once you have your customer profile attached, and your items in the shopping cart, press the Pay button.

On this Tender Selection page, you'll want to check that you want to store this card for future use, and proceed with your credit (or credit type) tender.

After charging the credit card, Cashier Live will automatically save the card to your customer's account. On the next sale, you'll see the customer's new card as a tender option.

Method 2: Storing card from customer profile

You can store a customer's card at any time directly from their customer profile. To do so, bring up the customer's account and select the Saved Cards tab.

To add the card, just press the orange Add Card button and enter in the card information. Next time you are on the Tender Selection screen, your customer's card will show as a usable tender option.

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