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Setting Up Methcheck and PSE Logging
Setting Up Methcheck and PSE Logging

Pseudoephedrine tracking, Logging, Set Up with Appriss, Methcheck

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This guide will help you set up Methcheck or PSE logging in your Cashier Live store. 

1) Mark Products for Validation

Firstly, you'll need to gather the products in your store that contain PSE. Then, in the ‘Manager’ section of Cashier Live, go to your ‘Item List’ and select the item you'd like to edit:

Under ‘Item Options’, select ‘MethCheck. Here, you can mark your product for validation and enter additional details:

Once you have the items in your inventory checked to validate with Methcheck, you'll be able to sell them and log the information.

2) Selling products that contain PSE

The items you mark for validation will now require the cashier to enter additional information about the customer before they can complete the transaction. Registers equipped with a 2D barcode scanner will be able to read the customers driver’s license.

3) Reporting

Whenever necessary, you can generate a report of all PSE containing items. This will include product information and customer information.

Cashier Live's Methcheck feature also integrates with Appriss and the national logging database. To set that up, just reach out to Cashier Live support!

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