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Using the Dymo Label Maker to Print Barcodes
Using the Dymo Label Maker to Print Barcodes

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This guide will show you how you can use Dymo Connect to print labels and barcodes. You'll need a Dymo printer which can be purchase from our hardware page here:

Make sure you have the latest version of Dymo Connect on your PC. This can be downloaded here:

How to import your Cashier Live items into Dymo connect:

  1. Download the Item Import Report from the Reports section of Cashier Live:

2. Open up the report using Excel. From here you can sort through your items (by department for example) to choose which items you'll need barcodes for.

3. Highlight the price column, click on the exclamation alert and select "convert to number".

4. Convert the same highlighted fields to Currency

5. Your price fields should now be in currency format (ex. $19.99). Save the file as .xlsx or .csv format and close it. You cannot import the file into Dymo if it is still open in Excel

6. Open up Dymo Connect and select Import Data

7. Select your file, but make sure the file is not open in Excel:

8. Select Import:

9. Use Dymo to add your desired content (barcode, price, name of product, etc) and design your label. If you need help designing your label, refer to the Dymo guide here:

10. When done, press the Print option.

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