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Returning Credit Transactions
Returning Credit Transactions

Returns, voids, reversals for credit cards

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Your business may conduct credit transactions multiple ways, from regular credit cards to saved customer cards. This guide will cover all the methods Cashier Live can help reverse transactions and get funds back to your customer’s cards quickly.

Returning an Entire Transaction

When you need to return all items in a transaction, you'll first need to locate the original transaction. Use the receipt transaction number, search an item or a customer to find the transaction you need returned.

Once you've located the transaction, check the box next to "Return" to return ALL items in the transaction.

Then press the return button on the bottom right.

Cashier Live will opt to return the funds with the method used to make the transaction. If a transaction was conducted with your terminal, you'll need the card or card number to complete the refund. If you used a saved card or keyed in the card directly in Cashier Live, your return will complete immediately after pressing RETURN.

Partial Returns and Voids

Sometimes you'll need return one item in a multi-item transaction. Once you locate your transaction, check the return box for the specific item you'd like returned.

If you are trying to return a transaction conducted on the same day, you'll need to key the card number in manually to complete the partial void.

If you are trying to return a transaction conducted 1 or more days in the past, you'll only need the card number or card if the transaction was completed on your terminal. If you keyed it into Cashier Live directly or used a saved card, you're all good!

Manual Returns

The manual return feature can be used when there is not a prior transaction to reference or if you need to refund a portion of a single item.

To do so, press the Cashier Tools button found on your Cashier screen and select Manual Return

You can either select a custom amount using the enter amount tool or use the item you are returning. Feel free to modify the amount of that item so the item will return to your inventory. Cashier Live will automatically make the transaction amount negative, so you do not need to add a " - " sign to your amount.

Select the Return button and use the credit tender type.

You'll need to key in the card number to complete the return.

***Note, manual return mode will always require the full card number entered. You cannot use a saved customer card for a return***

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