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Merging Customer Accounts
Merging Customer Accounts

Merging customers, duplicate customers

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In keeping up with your customer data, you may run into a scenario where you need to merge 2 different customers accounts into one.

The Cashier Live Merge feature will allow you to take 2 different customer accounts and automatically move all transactions and saved cards to a different customer account. The first selected customer profile data (phone, email, address, etc) will be deleted and replaced with the 2nd customer you are select. The first customer's transactions will be reassigned to the 2nd customer.

This merge will also move over your customer's House Account transactions if they have any.

To merge 2 customers, head to your customer's section in Cashier Live.

Select the customer you want merged into another customer. This customer's profile will be deleted and transactions will be moved to the 2nd customer.

Press the Merge Customer button

Press the Merge Select button

Search and select the 2nd customer who will be receiving the 1st customer's transactions

The first customer profile will be deleted and their transactions moved to the 2nd customer

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