Transaction Processing Timeouts

Time Outs, Errors, Processing Lag, Stuck, Did it Process?


Transaction timeouts can occur for a variety of reasons such as network latency issues, power outages, or interruption during webpage loading. If you experience this while in the middle of a transaction, you may notice some of the below behaviors:

1) Credit Card Terminal shows ‘Approval’ without completing a transaction

2) Cashier Live is stuck on a white loading screen during card processing.

3) Cashier Live does not complete loading during transaction processing

In most cases, Cashier Live will detect there are issues, and not authorize or complete the transaction.

You can you verify this in Cashier Live by following the below instructions:

1) Click on your transactions section in Cashier Live.

2) Locate the transaction in question and select it.


3) Observe the card section in your transaction details. There will be the last four digits of the card you have charged, this will confirm payment was taken successfully.

If you are still unsure whether the payment was successful or not, just chat us and a support agent will be able to assist you.